With experience in commercial as well as artistic and academic spheres, we offer you and your organisation a clear, clean and attractive, grammatically correct textual representation. We tailor our writing skills to your needs and design the manner in which you need to be presented to customers and stakeholders. Suffering from writer’s block? Come to us.

Proofreading and copy-editing

From a light tidying of your writing to an intensive, sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word scrutiny of your writing, we are most interested in making sure your writing is clear and effective. We know how to tailor your writing and its register to its intended audience, be they a professor, investor or potential client. We are not only looking for mistakes and errors in spelling and grammar, but also the structure of the writing itself, from sentences to the overall argument of the piece.

Academic support and advice

For any piece of academic or scholarly writing in cultural or critical studies fields we can offer an even more intensive editorial process where we read the piece like an academic peer-reviewer or marker would, and then suggest editorial changes. This is a bespoke and face-to-face service where you are guided through the proposed changes.

Translation bureau

From creative and academic work to commercial writing, we translate from and into English or Dutch. Having lived in the UK and having written in English for decades, we make both Dutch and English translations sound natural and organic.

Creative writing

We are keen to work with anyone who might be developing a poetry collection / pamphlet or another type of creative writing (plays, prose). We offer practical advice to performers of their work. In addition, we can offer advice on publication. We are also interested in working on translations of Dutch poetry and creative writing into English or from English to Dutch.

English language / Dutch lessons

If you are in need of supplementary one-to-one English or Dutch language support, we are happy to talk you through the basics of the languages, both written and spoken. Sessions typically take one hour and focus on areas in which you feel you might have to improve, for work, study or for the love of the language itself. From sharpening up on conversational skills to improving your written English, we can ensure your confidence is in the right place.